And then there were Banner Ads…

In 1997, many advertisers and marketers saw a huge opportunity in advertising via the Internet. WIth thousands of new sites & billions

Banner Ad on Photo Site

 of dollars of revenue to be made, the idea of advertising on the Internet was quickly put into place. There were (and still are for that matter) 2 main categories; E-commerce & Content Sites. 

  1. E-commerce consists of companies, small business, etc. making money via the internet. 
  2. Content Sites are known for their content whether that be pictures, videos, words, etc. 

The easiest and most lucrative way to advertise in the 90’s and early 2000’s was through banner ads. These ads were placed along the top of pages including Yahoo. The sites could charge anywhere between $30-$100 per 1000 impressions. This number was based off of the normal pricing a magazine uses when selling full pages ads. 

Hotel Banner Ads

However, times have changed. Banner ads are no longer the big players and in fact are “going out of style.” A new report by Borrell Associates paints a very vivid picture of the gloomy future Internet advertising will see this year. With so many ways to measure leads, sales, etc. the need for banner ads is becoming increasingly less. Since the Internet is becoming so user-friendly, anyone can place a tracking mechanism on their site in order to measure their results and banner ads just aren’t cutting it. 



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