And by RSS you mean…

Really Simple Syndication. 

Although, it may not seem so simple. At least at first. In fact, unless a user has a decent understanding of what an RSS feed is they are likely to be very confused by this cute little button that makes no sense what so ever.


RSS feeds are a great way to make the ordinary site more visible and visited. It also assists in organizing content and sending said content to subscirbers with little to no effort. Subscribers are able to choose which sites they want to recieve a feed for, and thus everyone is happy. 

But, it’s more than making people happy. RSS feeds have yet to breakout into the marketing world, but it’s coming. With more and more information pointing towards the fact that RSS’ enhance a site’s existance on the web, marketers are surely to jump on this “little known” phenomenon. And when they do, get ready…it will truly be really simple syndication.


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