It’s all about the text

Almost every single teenager throughout the country has a cell phone or knows someone who has a cell phone. Cell phones have long been used to call others, check in on friends and family, get information and even make reservations. But now, there is a new reason for teenagers to have cell phones: texting. Texting serves as a teenagers window to the world, and now marketers are beginning to take advantage of that. Teens are often the early adopters and more often than not, are able to influence adults. With this in mind, companies are taking advantage of the teen audience and marketing to them via their cell phones. 

Teens do not want to have to make a phone call in order to get the coolest and trendiest information, instead they want the information to come to them. Through mobile marketing or texting, the information can do exactly that. In an effort to encourage teen shopping, IconNicholson  has developed an interactive cell phone based dressing room mirror. This technology allows teens to comment on their friend’s clothing picks as well as pick out other items that may work better. In addition to this, f.y.e. “passed out” coupons to customers via their cell phones and saw a return rate of 40%. And, just take a look for yourself at the results of a recent poll. 

The percentage of teens with a cellphone  
Age 13 42%
Age 17 75%
Teens are more likely to use cellphones for text messaging and other non-voice applications  
Percent of teens who use cellphones for voice only 17%
Percent of adults who use cellphones for voice only 35%
Source: JupiterResearch

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