January did like Facebook

But now she hates it. And apparently so do many others. Why change a good thing? Why change something so often that people get confused each time they log on? Furthermore why change something that you are successfully operating after pleading with users to not leave after the first 2 changes. If your name is Mark Zuckerberg, I’d appreciate an answer. 

Not only is this a bad idea in my humble personal opinion, but it’s a bad idea all together. In the past year, Facebook has it’s site twice. The first was to look and feel more like MySpace and now, it looks and feels more like Twitter (which I’m not a huge fan of). To me, this seems like a disaster. Why would someone change their brand not once, but twice within a year? When honestly, the original product wasn’t so bad to start off with. 

I couldn’t answer these questions, and then…it hit me! Glaring at me on the right side of my new Facebook homepage are a ton of ads. I mean, a ton! At least like 12. Ads about Oprah and her fan page on Facebook. Ads about http://www.thenest.com and its fan page. Ads about books and pets and buying a house. This new fancy Facebook has allowed more room for ads. How obvious. I’m not sure why, as a marketing professional, this didn’t hit me first. However, I obviously figured it out. And I’m not sure it’s a great idea. 

There have been post after post about how much people hate the change, how they are tired of Facebook changing once they get use to using the previous version and so on. It seems that while Facebook is trying to keep up, their users have been completely fine with who they were before. They were comfortable with 


the platform and didn’t want it to change. So now, amid the masses of newly unhappy Facebookers I sit– complaining and up

dating my status in hopes that Zukerberg shoves sees it and hears my pleas to change it back. 

January thinks the new Facebook sucks. How’s that for a status?   


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