Mom, we are just sexting.

Seriously? Sexting? I’m pretty sure that not only would my parents be outraged if they even thought I was “sexting” but they would likely have grounded me for about as long as I lived in their house and would absolutely have taken my cell phone away. Although, when I was in high school I couldn’t even have a pager so…a cell phone wasn’t anything my parents worried over. None the less. Sexting?

Apparently it’s a ridiculously absurd new way for kids to communicate (read: ruin their lives). And it’s not a uncommon thing either. My question is to the parents, why aren’t you stalking monitoring your children? And, why is this such a common practice? It’s a FELONY, and parents are not enforcing rules on their children. And according to a survey over 20% of American teens participate in it. 

Why is it that cell phones aren’t just cell phones anymore? Sure, they are great devices that offer amazing things such as the Internet, Google Maps, Stock Quotes and so much more….but kids need to be monitored and children should be watched. Why in the world would parents allow their teenagers to have free reign of their own lives is beyond me. And, why aren’t cell phone companies addressing this? Yes, I realize completely that this is not their battle but a little PR or preemptive marketing would be beneficial. Ya know, beer & liquor commercials talk about the hazards of driving drunk, cigarette companies post their warning labels, so why wouldn’t cell phone companies want to talk about the serious issues of kids sending each other nude pictures? I think it’s time adults took a stand against these teens. It’s time they begin to realize their actions have consequences and if that means that the cell phone companies need to get involved and spend a little bit of their advertising dollars to do so, then so be it. It literally may save a life.


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