Getting your buzz on.

What exactly is buzz marketing?

Simply put. It’s marketing that works via word of mouth. It’s depending on the consumers or uses of your product (or company) to promote it for you. buzzorbustIt’s unleashing your product to the world while depending on others to love it just as much as you do, if not more, and promote it to their friends, family, co-workers, enemies and just about anyone else in between. 

And how does one get the ball rolling on buzz marketing? Well, there are many ways to do this from mavens to connectors and just about anyone in between. Mavens would be people like you and me who just go out and start talking. Connectors would be those with, well connections. oprahs-favorite-thingsPeople like Oprah who promote their favorite things on TV shows.

A great example of buzz marketing.

A great example of buzz marketing.



The real question. Does buzz marketing work? Yes and no. It obviously works. I’m sure you have had your parents say “you must try this” and then you run out and buy it. But in the same sense I’m sure those same parents have said “you must try this” and you don’t make the effort to go out and buy it because it’s just their opinion. Buzz marketing works, but then again it doesn’t. Plus, it’s not paid marketing so there is no real effort put into it–so obviously a company shouldn’t rely on buzz marketing for any huge revenues. However, buzz marketing is highly effective where negative marketing is concerned. You can almost bet money that if someone doesn’t like a product, they are going to pass that word on.


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