How do minorities figure into the world of Internet Marketing?


I don’t personally think that Internet Marketing is based around the 40 year old, white business man. Nor do I think it’s based around the 16 year old private school student. I’m just not that naive. But what I do wonder is how do minorities play into the Internet Marketing world? 

Obviously, with commercials, ads, radio and even outdoor advertising, appealing to minorities is deliberate and done on purpose. It’s also done with minimal analytics and only a fraction of the investigation that it takes to reach minorities on the Internet. Which brings me to my next point, minority based websites. They are out there. 

There is Minority Owned Website Directory, Empower Women Now (for Asian American Woman), My Black Info, and Hispanic Online.  With so many websites (trust me, there are more) it’s obvious that there is a demand for marketing towards these minorities on the Internet. But how does one market towards a minority on the Internet? How can you guarantee to reach this audience…well with the Internet nothing is an absolute, but by marketing on these minority based sites it may just be easier. 

And, with more and more sites popping up it’s important for marketers to remember to always keep their SEO in the forefront of their minds when planning an Internet Marketing campaign. If marketers want to reach these minorities they must optimize their sites by using a strong SEO program that puts minorities at the top of the importance list…


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