Let me see that pretty face.

Let’s face it, as a whole people are intrigued by other people. If they weren’t then I’d imagine we wouldn’t have reality shows, talk shows, MySpace, Facebook or Twitter. In fact, if people weren’t fascinated by others then there would be no point in having organizations, groups, sports or the like because at the core of it…we are all just there to get to know others and have interaction with those who have the same interests. 


So, why wouldn’t marketers want to get in the mix? Why would or should, we sit back and let the general public’s fascination with others pass by us? The answer…we shouldn’t! We should jump on the band wagon as well and the way to do it is with Video Podcasts

The ever popular podcasts have now grown into something beyond what they were originally thought to be. Now, you can see someone demonstrating how to cook a cake, take a picture, create a website, promote a product, or just live their normal every day lives. And, if people want to watch it, then I say companies should take full advantage of that. But, keep in mind that this is a very personal form of marketing. It’s more like a one-on-one marketing tool. It’s something that should be used cohesively and in conjunction with a larger marketing mix. It’s not something that should be used lightly or as a marketing plan in its entirety. 

In my humble opinion, video podcasts are most effective as an informational tool. For example, Betty Crocker could use video podcasts to demonstrate recipes. 


Chevy could use them to show simple how-to’s on fixing cars. Samsung could inform consumers on the difference between their product and another.




No matter what the basis of a video podcast is, people are going to watch. Why? Because, well. We want to see others and we are intrigued by others–from what they look like, to how they talk,to what they wear and even what knowledge they possess that we don’t. Trust me. 


They’ll watch, they can’t help it.


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