Liquid Cocaine.

liquid_cocaineHow does that sound? Good, bad? What about if this product was being promoted to teenagers as a target market? Would your ideas change then? What about Speed in a Can? Does that sound any better? 

Honestly, I never really think that marketing can or does cross an ethical boundary. However this product certainly did as well as the fact that their overall goal was to appeal to teens. Obviously we know it’s not literally cocaine or speed but the simple fact that these marketing “geniuses” wanted to appeal to teens by using those words seems unethical in and of itself. Their idea behind it was to promote the product as an alternative energy drink or weight loss assistant. But, what about the kids they market to? Do kids truly have the ability to understand that the name of the drink is not okay? And furthermore, what kind of jerks would try to make cocaine (no matter how the word is used) a normal okay kind of word or item? It makes no sense to me. And the best part is the quote that the spokesperson used to explain their reasoning. Check out the video…and wait for the quote. It’s worth it. 


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